City Break


Lucky you! You’re off to an exciting city … New York, Paris, Rome …. It doesn’t matter where you jet off to; stick to a few packing rules and your wardrobe will last as long as your trip. Try to stick to carry-on for trips 5 days or less. Lost luggage and waiting hours for misplaced bags happens more and more often these days and just isn’t worth the hassle.

We know how you love your stilettos, but trust us, they’re not meant for walking. Our number one rule for a city break is to pack comfortable walking shoes. A slight wedge will work with all your clothes, but if you want to kick things up, try a pair of athletic shoes. Check out pics on instagram and you’ll see that a pair of kicks work with everything from a floral dress to jeans. If it's a colder climate, pack a low-heeled bootie which can be paired with daytime jeans, and a simple flat shoe for days when your kicks are a bit too casual.

We love to select two neutral colours of clothing so all items mix and match. Literally, all! If you choose denim and grey, or black and white, all tops and bottoms should work together. Then add one or two pops of colour to add some interest – say a red floral dress or a royal blue sweater.

Natural fibres are best for travelling  due to their durability. Silk, cotton and wool are classic, comfortable, easy to care for and great for layering.