Packing for a summer vacation

Your flights are booked, your hotel or Air bnb host is looking forward to welcoming you, and the weather app for Mykonos, Miami or Rio is a pleasant 24 degrees during the day. Next steps? Packing of course! You vow to go carry-on for this trip, if it kills you. No worries … it’s much easier than you think if you follow a few simple rules. Number one, give yourself at least one week to pack; don’t leave it to the last minute. That way, you’ll know if you need a few things before you depart. Number two, choose clothes you love because you’ll be wearing them … a lot. Number three, choose a ‘colour story’ for your trip. If you’re heading to the Med or Adriatic, think all shades of blue mixed with white to mimic the sparkling sea. If a city vacay is in the cards, greys and tans work well for a chic city vibe. And nothing screams ‘vacay in the Caribbean’ like printed patterns with tons of colour. Have fun with your packing and make sure everything can work together. Mix and match so that every top can be worn with every bottom. We like to travel with a few dresses or jumpsuits; nothing is easier than getting dressed with only one piece! For our summer 2019 wardrobe, we’re feeling the vibe of Greece and the Mediterranean. Check out the summer ‘19 issue of Travel and Leisure magazine to see why Greece and the Cycladic islands are back in style. Bon voyage!